Because of Siskin Hospital, I can dance with my little girl

June 13, 2014

Celebrating Father’s Day is a Blessing for Randall and Annalee!

Dancing with his 3-year old daughter, Annalee, is something Randall Cunningham dreamed of being able to do while recovering from a tragic car accident that almost took his life. 

Randall was literally broken from head to toe on December 27th, 2012. His wife, Christina, was devastated to learn that he suffered a traumatic brain injury with two temporal lobe fractures, along with a broken back and multiple other fractures.

Surviving the accident was a miracle. As Randall endured recovery in the hospital, he remained focused on his young daughter. He dreamed of what they would do together when he was better.

Randall was admitted to Siskin Hospital in January 2013 to begin his long recovery. It was time to start working towards being an active daddy again!

Regaining Strength & Movement- Life-Changing Rehabilitation Care

Randall participated in Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Psychological Therapy to help him adapt to all of the life changes the accident caused. Each and every small stride he made in therapy gave Randall hope of returning to his family.

Randall made amazing progress and was able to return home to Christina and Annalee, who was thrilled to have her daddy back! Today, Randall has returned to work and appreciates every memory he gets to create with his family.

Because of Siskin Hospital, Randall can now be the daddy he always envisioned being . . . dancing with Annalee is a dream come true!!

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