Because of Siskin Hospital, I can care for your pets

September 11, 2014

Dr. Kathryn Primm had just realized her childhood dream of opening her own veterinary practice when tragedy interrupted her celebrations.

As she rode horseback with friends up the side of a mountain, her saddle strap suddenly broke, plunging her backwards. She crashed to the ground with enough force to crush her helmet, causing traumatic brain injury and a broken jaw and collarbone, Rushed by stretcher to an awaiting helicopter, Dr. Primm lay unconscious in the hospital for several days, When she finally awoke, she had severe memory loss and was unable to walk. Her left arm and vision had also been affected by her injuries.

Dr. Primm came to Siskin Hospital where her sheer determination in the therapy sessions helped her regain the ability to walk. During this time, she celebrated the one-year anniversary of her veterinary clinic, not knowing if there would be a second. Tenaciously she held onto her long-held dream as she re-learned how to do everyday things, such as brushing her teeth or cooking a meal, with the help of Siskin Hospital’s therapy and nursing staff. Remarkably, though she couldn’t remember family members or how to do many ordinary things, her veterinary skills remained completely intact, and she persisted in fighting her way back to use them again.

Today Dr. Primm is thriving as a loving and passionate veterinarian, and her Applebrook Animal Hospital recently celebrated its 16th anniversary.  But Dr. Primm also enjoys every minute spent with her husband and young son. Thankful to be living the life of her dreams, she doesn’t take anything for granted.

Because of Siskin Hospital, I CAN.


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