Because of Siskin Hospital, I Can Be a Winner!

May 3, 2022


Following a near-death experience with COVID-19, former army combat-medic Pierre Swafford was so weak that he could not walk or even make a fist.  A horse trainer who also runs summer riding camps, Pierre knew that if he couldn’t grip, he would never be able to hold the reins again.  Giving up something he loved so much was simply not an option, so his wife insisted on Siskin Hospital.  She was confident that they could get him back in the saddle again.

After months of therapy at Siskin Hospital, Pierre is able to hold the reins.  Today, he is thankful for so many things: breath, life, walking and the sheer joy of being able to ride.  He may never get the chance to gallop around the track at Churchill Downs, but every time he wraps his fingers around the leather straps, he feels like celebrating.

Because of Siskin Hospital, I CAN be a winner!