A son’s life restored

May 6, 2021

Sandy Stephens’ world was turned upside down last February when she almost lost the opportunity to ever make any new memories with her youngest son, Luke.

That fateful day, Sandy was awakened from a deep sleep by her older son Tyler’s urgent cry to get up. Tyler frantically explained that Luke had been struck by a hit-and-run driver not 100 yards from their home. Sandy ran to Luke and found him lying on the side of the road, covered in blood and screaming in pain. The EMTs had not arrived yet and she began to panic, knowing there was nothing she could do to help her baby. The ambulance came a few minutes later, transporting Luke to Erlanger Medical Center with life-threatening injuries: a traumatic brain injury, a collapsed lung, 11 fractured ribs, and 11 fractured vertebrae.

A mother’s heart beats to the rhythm of keeping her children safe and happy. In an instant, it seemed as if Sandy’s heart had suddenly stopped. Feeling helpless, Sandy faced the devastating knowledge that Luke would spend his 18th birthday in surgery to repair his badly damaged body. Sandy tried to be strong for Luke’s sake, but inside she was falling apart. It was heart wrenching to watch her child suffer such intense pain.

Luke had always been active and energetic, so Sandy turned to Siskin Hospital, trusting them to preserve what meant the most . . . the chance for Luke to keep on living. She knew the highly-trained therapists and nurses could put her precious boy back on the right track, able to enjoy life again. Luke’s therapy began immediately and, within a month, he was walking arm-and-arm with his mom and looking forward to his high school graduation.

For Sandy, this Mother’s Day is about holding on to every single moment, like those spent kayaking with Luke, and preserving each memory she shares with her family.


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