A Chattanooga Triathlon Competitor From Colorado Finishes Her Race at Siskin Hospital

June 3, 2022

“Cinnamon Girl” is the ringtone for Kimberly’s number on her husband Doug’s phone.  The way Doug looks at Kimberly is summed up best by Neil Young’s lyrics “I wanna live with a cinnamon girl. I can be happy the rest of my life with a cinnamon girl.” Their love is palpable and is evident to anyone they meet.  They decided to celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary over 1300 miles from their home in Denver, CO at the Chattanooga Ironman race.  Kimberly was on the last leg of the bike race when a water bottle rolled in front of her bike causing her to crash.  She immediately went unconscious and was surrounded by a circle of fellow racers to keep her safe from the approaching bikes until help arrived.  Doug was called by race officials and was told that Kimberly was being sent to Erlanger Hospital.  Kimberly awoke and immediately started screaming from the pain.  She had broken her collar bone, shattered her elbow and would need a hip replacement.

Erlanger Hospital was able to do all of the surgeries in one session.  Upon finishing the procedures, the doctor told Doug that Kimberly would need to go into an inpatient rehabilitation facility.  Hearing this made Doug shutter with fear.  Both of his parents had terrible experiences with rehabilitation facilities and ended up dying in their care.  This was the last place he wanted to take his beloved wife.  But upon insistence, he went to tour two of the best Chattanooga facilities.

During his tour of Siskin Hospital, he was met by Tara Konrad, our Referral Relations Coordinator.  He instantly felt the care and love that Siskin Hospital offers our patients and their families.  It felt like family.  Being so far from home, this is exactly what they needed.  So Doug chose Siskin Hospital for Kimberly’s inpatient rehabilitation.  The original prognosis for her discharge was mid to late June.  With Kimberly’s competitive, fighting spirit and her amazing medical team, she is flying back home to Denver today.  Weeks earlier than originally told.

Doug and Kimberly have their own special name for Siskin Hospital: The Siskin Spa.  They have been overwhelmed by the care and attention they have received not only at Siskin Hospital but also in the Chattanooga community as a whole.  Kimberly reminded us that she has yet to finish her race.  Her race was being finished in the halls and rooms of Siskin Hospital.  And when she walks out of the Siskin Hospital door today, she crosses that finish line with more strength and determination than ever.   Doug’s “Cinnamon Girl” is a hero to all of us here at Siskin Hospital and the Chattanooga community. May the love of this place go with both of you. Thank you for impacting all of us.