Students & Education

Siskin Hospital provides opportunities that enhance education through student job shadowing and clinical internships.

Job Shadowing

Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation offers students the opportunity for career development by job shadowing our clinical staff. In this way, current or prospective students in the field of physical rehabilitation are able to ask questions and observe the profession in a real-world setting.

Qualifying students are allowed to job shadow a variety of medical professionals throughout the hospital, depending on the student request and employee availability. Learn more about job shadowing.

Clinical Internships

Clinical internship opportunities are coordinated through the student’s college or university. If you are a student interested in internship placement at Siskin Hospital, please contact your school for more information. For more information, please call 423.634.1200 or email info@siskinrehab.

Clinical Pastoral Education

Siskin Hospital cooperates closely with Erlanger Health Systems and the Chattanooga Association for Clinical Pastoral Care to offer Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) as a method of theological education.