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Philosophy of Service

Caring People. Changing Lives.®

This simple philosophy says everything about who we are and what our purpose is. We strive to create a working and healing environment characterized by caring and driven by the determination to return our patients to the healthiest, most productive life possible.

The accomplishment of your rehabilitation goals, no matter how large or small, is the focus of every nurse, physician, and therapist treating you. Our holistic approach to healing means that mending your emotional, spiritual and social health is as important as the restoration of your physical well-being.

Our dedicated, experienced staff is focused on innovation, leadership and education and under their care you can be confident that your team is among the best in the field of physical rehabilitation.

When you and your family are facing the challenges of recovery from a life-altering injury, surgery or illness, I join the rest of the Siskin Hospital family in inviting you to discover how our caring people will work with you to change your life.


Carol W. Sim
President and CEO


Vision Statement

We will nurture and advance a culture of caring, commitment and pride, exceeding the expectations of those we serve and those who serve.

Mission Statement

Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation is committed to providing a wide range of high quality physical rehabilitation services where positive outcomes are achieved that benefit the individual served, as well as the community at large.

Mission Philosophy

In fulfillment of the dream of Mose and Garrison Siskin, the board, the hospital employees, and the medical staff of Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation are dedicated to providing accessible physical rehabilitation services that specifically:

  1. Offer physical rehabilitation services to assist each person served toward physical, psycho-social, community and vocational independence.
  2. Furnish uncompensated services, within available resources, to meet the physical rehabilitation needs of the community.
  3. Acknowledge the dignity and worth of all individuals, including those who serve, as well as those who are served, without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, gender preference, or disability.
  4. Maintain service quality through the principles of effective management, courtesy, reliability, respect, and concern; while providing an environment that is responsive to the needs and rights of patients, guests, and employees.
  5. Develop and safeguard the corporation’s resources to ensure the ongoing viability of the corporation.
  6. Assist in the development of the physical rehabilitation field by ongoing participation in clinical and medical education, research activities, and legislative and public education.
Our Logo

Our logo represents our purpose and mission by reflecting our name, the path of recovery our patients travel, and the warmth, life and friendliness of our hospital. The interior of the Siskin Hospital ‘S' represents the winding and initially ill-defined journey of healing for the physical rehabilitation patient. As patients progress and work toward independence, their path becomes more defined and they are surrounded by a growing vibrancy and richness of life represented by increasingly stronger green hues. 

Philosophy of Service

At Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation, clinical quality and service quality are our goals.  To aid staff in reaching the goal of service quality, Siskin Hospital has adopted a set of 17 "House Rules."  All hospital staff shall follow these rules.  By doing so, it helps Siskin Hospital to achieve its mission. 

The rules are:

1.     Know who you're serving - Our "customers" aren't patients alone, but families, neighbors, physicians, suppliers, and fellow staff members as well.

2.     Break the ice - Make eye contact with patients and guests.  Smile, introduce yourself.  Call people by name.  Extend words of encouragement.

3.     Offer help - Hospitals are often times confusing to negotiate.  Stop and try to help.

4.     Be courteous - Kind gestures and polite words make people feel special.

5.     Explain what you're doing - People are always less anxious when they know what's happening.

6.     Anticipate - You will often know what people want before they have to ask.  Take action without having to be asked.

7.     Remember, a guest's problem is your problem - People need your help in resolving questions and problems.  Make sure to offer that help.

8.     Insure privacy and confidentiality - Watch what you say and where you say it.  Knock as you enter.

9.     Show dignity and respect - The patient or guest could be your child, spouse, parent, or even you.  See the individual as a person, not as a "task."  Imagine you are on the receiving end.

10.     Take initiative - Just because it isn't "your job" doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it, or at least help out.  Remember, your job goes beyond your formal position description.  We at Siskin Hospital strive to go the extra mile.

11.     Listen - If a person complains, don't be defensive.  The complaint is an opportunity to show your caring concern.

12.     Help each other - When you help a fellow employee, you ultimately help a patient or other guest.

13.     Use good phone skills - When you are on the phone, the hospital's reputation is on the line.  Sound pleasant, be helpful and listen with understanding.

14.     Look the part - You are part of a long, proud tradition of rehabilitation.  Make sure your outward appearance measures up.  That means wearing your name tag too!

15.     Support the smoke-free environment - Like other Chattanooga hospitals, we are a designated smoke (tobacco) free environment.  If you see someone smoking or using any tobacco product, remind them of the policy and ask them to refrain. Remember, this applies to everyone, including yourself.  It is for everyone's good health.

16.      Maintain a guest focus - Always remember you are here to serve others.  By applying all of the "House Rules," you will make our patients and guests feel good about our hospital, and you will feel good about what you do.

17.      Take time to sanitize/wash your hands - Remember good hand washing skills.

Code of Ethics

Part of the mission of Siskin Hospital is to provide a comprehensive, quality physical rehabilitation health care system to meet the needs of individuals with physical disabilities so that each person is assisted toward physical, psychosocial, community and vocational independence.  In the fulfillment of this mission, Siskin Hospital is committed to conduct all its operations according to the highest ethical principles as delineated in the institution's Mission Statement and Philosophy of Service, Policies and Procedures and Strategic Plan.  All employees and representatives of Siskin Hospital are expected to act in a responsible and ethical manner, with integrity in all aspects of his/her position.  All employees are trained in, and are expected to adhere to, the Hospital's Philosophy of Service, Code of Ethics, and Corporate Compliance Program.

The following guidelines are provided to further define the institution's position regarding specific operational issues beyond the fundamental foundation of ethical behavior.

1. General Operating Practices:

a. Siskin Hospital acknowledges the dignity and worth of all individuals, without regard to race, color, religion, age, creed, gender, national origin or disability, including those who are served as well as those who serve. All employees of the Hospital are committed to the established Philosophy of Service and pledge to have their interactions governed by its stated provisions.

b. Siskin Hospital conducts its general business affairs in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements. In addition, Siskin Hospital will ensure that there is also a spirit of honesty, cooperation and mutual respect for those with whom it engages in business activities.  Transactions are executed with concern for cost-effective decision-making and an ultimate goal of maximizing the quality of patient care services provided within the institution regardless of the financial impact of these decisions.  Instances of suspected fraud, waste or abuse of resources will be investigated fully and behavior of this type will not be tolerated. 

c. The receipt or giving of gifts or favors may be seen as an improper inducement to grant some concession in return.  The purpose of entertainment and gifts in a commercial setting is to create good will and sound working relationships, not to give unfair advantage with suppliers, referral sources or other parties.  No gift or entertainment should ever be given or accepted by any Siskin Hospital employee, officer or director or any of their family member unless it:

a.     is not a cash gift;

b.     is consistent with customary business practices;

c.     is not excessive in value;

d.     cannot be construed as a bribe or payoff; and

e.     does not violate any laws or regulations.                                                                              

These rules apply at all times and do not change during traditional gift-giving seasons.  If you have any questions about whether a gift or proposed gift fits these criteria, contact the Corporate Compliance Officer.

d. Board members and all employees of the institution openly declare any conflicts of interest in the process of daily decision-making and agree to abstain from decisions or operations where conflict situations exist.  Employees do not have outside activities or employment that adversely affects or competes with the hospital's operations.   An employee may retain honoraria for services as a speaker provided he/she has prior approval of supervisor, has conducted the services during non-working hours and has personally incurred any expenses for the service.

e. Siskin Hospital recognizes and endorses the existence of various disciplines' professional Code of Ethics, practice parameters and/or license requirements which may place additional job performance expectations or professional responsibilities on employees in various departments beyond those already contained within hospital policy.

f. Protection of patient rights and confidentiality is considered foremost in all interactions with external sources including, but not limited to, all media, marketing, insurance, and other health care business concerns.  Patients have the right to expect that all aspects of their care, both medical and financial, will be treated in a confidential manner and that all employees will honor this right to the fullest extent.  Siskin Hospital employees will comply with all provisions in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1997.

g. Employees serving as hospital representatives or liaisons between the Hospital and community organizations ensure that the accuracy of Siskin Hospital information and corporate image is maintained at all times.

h. Employees may represent the Hospital or utilize Hospital resources for activities provided approval by appropriate supervisory and/or administrative representatives is obtained.

i. When situations arise that cannot be resolved satisfactorily and create undue stress for either the patient, family or staff, such issues may be referred to the Ethics Committee for assistance in their resolution.

j. In all activities, local, state, and Federal laws and regulation will take precedence.


2. Referral and Admission Practices/Marketing:

a. Siskin Hospital is committed to administer admissions equitably for all patients and referral sources. The services of Siskin Hospital are provided to all patients regardless of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, or disability. The admitting medical staff reviews all information sources available and makes the final medical decision as to who is admitted. 

 b. Siskin Hospital conducts its relationships with prospective patients, referral sources, and payers in strict compliance with the Hospital's ethical standards outlined in this policy.  All employees involved in the cultivation of external relationships concerning service delivery are trained in the institution's Philosophy of Service and Code of Ethics.  Printed material accurately describes the organization's services and its features.  The Director of Marketing or designee approves purpose and content of all marketing material.  Clinical directors approve the technical/medical content of all printed materials as well.

3. Patient Care:

a. Patients and their families have the right, under all circumstances, to receive considerate, respectful and personalized care.  Furthermore, patients and their families have a right to privacy and to be treated with dignity by every employee.   Patients and their families also have the right to participate in the rehabilitation process to the best of their abilities.

b. Siskin Hospital utilizes its Patient's Bill of Rights as the framework for both quality patient care and for ethical issues regarding patient care.  The Philosophy of Service is upheld to insure consistent, considerate interaction with patients, family members, and employees, as well as other internal and external customers.

c. Patients have the right to be informed of, and to refuse without any adverse consequences, their treatment plan, any procedure(s) that may be deemed necessary, and any research program utilizing patients or patient information. Review of patient data that cannot be linked to the patient may be exempt from requiring patient consent.  To ensure patient privacy and confidentiality, photo release forms are verified before photographing a patient.  Verbal consent is also obtained at the time a photograph is taken.

d. Siskin Hospital's treatment disciplines communicate formally and informally to ensure coordination and progression of each patient's treatment program.  Specific concerns are addressed by the appropriate discipline for resolution.

e. Every effort will be made to notify the designated family member or patient representative of any unanticipated changes in the outcome of the patient.

f. Siskin Hospital insures the quality and efficiency of any contract agencies utilized to provide hospital services.  Likewise, Siskin Hospital ensures the quality and effectiveness of any services hospital employees may provide to any external agencies. 

g. Siskin Hospital is committed to participating in clinical and medical education, research activities, and legislative and public education.  Siskin Hospital ensures that any related programs are structured to enhance and support the standards of quality patient care and in no way detract or interfere with patient services.

h. Employees do not accept commissions, fees, gifts, gratuities or other monetary benefits from any person or company receiving services, doing or seeking to do business with Siskin Hospital if the gift has greater than nominal value.  Questions concerning the appropriateness or acceptance of a gift should be addressed to one's supervisor, Human Resources and/or an administrative representative.

i. Siskin Hospital provides Vocational Services for patients meeting program criteria.  As part of this service, patients periodically participate in performing work-related activities in various settings within a normal work environment that are structured around therapeutic goals.  These activities are for evaluation and therapeutic purposes, developed for and based on the needs of the patient, and are non-paid services. In all cases, the patient has the option to refuse participation.


4. Transfer and Discharges:

a. The discharge process is begun upon admission in order to develop the most appropriate treatment plan and provide the patient and family adequate information resources to make informed decisions about post-discharge placement.

b. Decisions regarding patient transfer and discharge from Siskin Hospital or any of its programs are based primarily on the patient's functional status with regard to available family and community resources and patient/family wishes. 

c. Patients or patient representatives choosing to be discharged against medical advice should remain in the hospital until they see a member of the medical staff and are informed of possible consequences of such actions. 

d. Issues regarding disposition problems or disagreement surrounding discharge plans will be handled in a fair and equitable manner with the ultimate action being based on what is best for the patient.


5. Contractual Relationships

a. Siskin Hospital works to ensure a spirit of honesty, cooperation and mutual respect in the establishment and maintenance of contractual relationships. 

b. It is always Siskin Hospital's desire to provide direct care and/or supportive services in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible, but in a way that answers high levels of quality.

c. Contracts will be established with outside entities when it has been determined that the opportunity represents a more desirable method of delivering services than can be accomplished by in-house services.

d. All contractual relationships will represent arms-length agreements and will be based on fair market value for services delivered or provided.


6. Financial Records and Reporting/Fundraising:

a. Patient account management is considered an extension of patient care services.  Employees extend consideration and understanding to all patients and family members regarding financial arrangements without compromising the financial viability of the organization.

b. Employees adhere to all local, state and federal laws, rules, regulations and guidelines regarding the fair and equitable handling of patient accounts.

c. Employees strive to ensure financial records of the hospital are accurate and fairly reflect the hospital's operations.

d. Employees shall not make or allow payments using corporate assets, whether in money, property, or services, for the purpose of (1) obtaining favorable treatment in securing or preserving business; (2) influencing the decisions of any federal, state or local government employees or officials; or (3) otherwise obtaining or preserving special concessions.

e. Employees will receive education and training on compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. 

7. Employee Responsibility:

 a. All employees of Siskin Hospital are expected to participate in hospital and departmental orientation and ongoing education efforts with respect to the hospital's Code of Ethics.  All employees are expected to encourage fellow staff to conduct themselves in a professional manner that is consistent with this code at all times while they are associated with Siskin Hospital.  Personal relationships between employees are discouraged.  However, in the event that such a relationship exists, both partners are expected to demonstrate unbiased, professional behavior when dealing with each other in a work setting. 

b. All employees are expected to demonstrate respect for the personal property of other staff, patients and visitors, as well as the property of their organization.

c. Any employee or representative of Siskin Hospital who observes any illegal, unethical or otherwise questionable activities is responsible to report this activity to his/her supervisor, the Director of Human Resources, the Ethics Committee, or an administrative representative.  Any employee who, in good faith, reports an alleged ethical violation will be protected from any retaliatory action.  The Siskin Hospital Ethics/Compliance Hotline is available for any staff wishing to report activities anonymously.  Also, any alleged ethical violation may be reported in person to a supervisor, the Director of Human Resources, or the Ethics Committee.