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Specially-Certified Therapists

Siskin Hospital values continuing education and appreciates staff members who attain specialty certifications.

Siskin Hospital is committed to the highest quality of knowledge and treatment for our patients. To that end, we support and encourage our staff to seek and earn specialty certifications, such as Brain Injury, LSVT Parkinson’s Disease, and Lymphedema treatment..

Please visit each page to learn more about the specialty care that is available at Siskin Hospital.

Certified Brain Injury Specialists

LSVT Parkinson's Disease

Lymphedema Instructors & Therapists


Additional Specialties and Certifications: 

Neurodevelopmental Treatment Certification (NDT)

Certified Manual Therapists

Certified Hand Therapist

Geriatric Clinical Specialist

Neuro Clinical Specialist

Certified Crisis Prevention Instructor

Water Shiatsu Instructor

Vestibular Competency Certified Physical Therapist

Certified Ergonomic Evaluator