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In-House Pharmacists at Siskin Hospital

Siskin Hospital has a comprehensive in-house pharmacy that provides all medications to inpatients during their hospital stay. Pharmacy services are provided seven days a week, with on-call services available during non-business hours.

Upon admission, the Pharmacy staff builds an electronic medication profile for each patient. This profile is maintained throughout the patient’s stay and is used by all the clinical team members for on-demand review, documentation, and downloading or long-term data storage. 

The Pharmacy staff has daily consultations with medical and nursing staff for a myriad of drug-related issues, which could include drug administration problems, treatment options, lab-related issues, allergy concerns, drug supply issues, appropriate dose, route, timing and length of therapy, interactions, adverse side effects, and cost issues.

The Pharmacy will provide a receipt and accurate filling of physician medication orders 24/7 AFTER a pharmacist has reviewed for:

  • appropriate dose
  • route, timing, and length of therapy
  • interactions
  • adverse side effects
  • cost issues

Additionally, the pharmacy staff will facilitate the admission medication orders for most of the late inpatient admissions. 

The Pharmacy at Siskin Hospital provides the following services:

  • Drug procurement, inventory management, storage/security, disposition, and auditing of an approximately $1 million drug budget that includes 25,000-30,000 doses/month.  Pharmacists facilitate collaboration for policy development regarding these issues, and maintain a drug billing system.
  • Sterile compounding services for injectable medications, prepared under certified environmental conditions.  This could include a simple IM injection, an IV solution containing one or two meds, or TPN (total parenteral nutrition), containing many ingredients. All compounded medications are reviewed for appropriateness.
  • Preparation of non-injectable medications per reviewed physician order for nurse or doctor to administer to patient.
  • Proper labeling of ALL prepared medications for dispensing.
  • Enforce drug security issues, which include drug inventory house-wide, as well as departmental storage for controlled and non-controlled medications.
  • Help to implement and maintain complex electronic technology for patient medication records and drug delivery. 

The Pharmacy adheres to the always-changing State and Federal regulations, as well as participates in preparation for accreditation surveys. Pharmacy staff is available to provide drug education, if requested. The staff participates in Siskin Hospital's performance improvement processes and completes mandatory education every two years for license renewal.