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Lymphedema Therapists

The Siskin Hospital facility and staff can treat patients beyond the four standards of care for lymphedema treatment. Capabilities range from treating the mildest cases of swelling to significant swellings that cannot be managed in other facilities.  The staff also has expertise in  scar management, myofacial treatment, and fitness programs, among many other treatment protocols to assist patients in their well-being.

One or more of Siskin Hospital’s Lymphedema Therapy staff is specially-trained or certified in the following: 

  • Pediatric NDT Certification
  • Extensive Myofacial Training
  • Reiki Certified
  • Physical Therapy/ Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Certified Lymphedema Therapist  (CLT)

Additionally, staff participates in ongoing research work at Western Carolina University for Product Development and at Vanderbilt University for Imaging Development.

The Lymphedema Therapy staff at Siskin Hospital also offers patients in-house consultations for clinical nutrition, pain management, physical and occupational therapy, and psychology. This interdisciplinary approach involves physiatrists, certified lymphedema therapists, clinicians trained in wound care, and case managers working to evaluate, treat, and assist the patient in care management.  

Siskin Hospital's expert team consists of six certified lymphedema therapists, as well as three additional therapists who are clinically trained in Lymphedema treatment.